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Mindful Leadership Training and Coaching Program

When it really matters what kind of leader you are

Core Content:

  • Identifying where the ego is causing problems at work and at home

  • Determining ways to gently but effectively address the ego

  • Taking a close look in the mirror at the way you think, speak, and act

  • Understanding internal energy currents and learning why some things are free-flowing and other times it feels like you’re driving with your foot on the brake

  • Making correlations between the way you think, speak, and act and your challenges as an individual contributor, manager, or leader

  • Allowing transformation to occur once these correlations make sense to you

  • Being your true, authentic self


Format of the Training:

  • Two or three-day training (depending on how much depth and practice time is included)

  • Individual coaching for long-lasting ego transformation results – 8-10 appointments


Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Each participant will develop more effective ways of thinking, speaking, and taking inspired action

  • There will be higher scores and better feedback on participants’ performance reviews, personal style assessments, and 360 feedback instruments

  • Employees who work with or for participants will have a more relaxed yet more productive relationship with those who have taken this training

  • There will be less conflict and sabotage in the workplace. The workplace will be more open, engaged, and enlivened by the personal changes of the participants

  • There will be noticeable home life improvements

Anne Neal-Dugdale has provided strategic planning and other high-stakes facilitation, coaching, and workforce/management/leadership training to businesses, non-profits, and the public sector for 21 years. She is also a certified licensed yoga instructor.  Her primary emphasis is to support individuals and organizations to optimize their gifts while improving their health and well-being at all levels. 

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