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Transformational Services, Programs, Classes and Coaching


Leadership, Management, and Board Retreats

Typical Objectives of a Leadership, Management, or Board Retreat:


  • Developing a vision / mission

  • Opening lines of communication

  • Reviewing financials / planning $

  • Determining roles/responsibilities

  • Setting policy

  • Approving procedures

  • Solving critical problems

  • Strategic Planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Team or board development

 Why hire an outside facilitator?

  • Keeps the group on track

  • Provides a neutral perspective

  • Takes the drudgery out of some tasks

  • Holds the group accountable for its agreements, behavior, and procedures

  • The group accomplishes more in less time


Facilitator Responsibilities:

  • Submit draft agenda and determine final agenda with client

  • Prepare processes and materials to achieve agenda

  • Provide facilitation supplies and meeting materials

  • Conduct pre-retreat survey and 1:1 interviews

  • Preview meeting site; room set-up, and break-down

  • Submit invoices in a timely manner

  • Document major processes, discussions, and outcomes


Client Responsibilities:

  • Supply venue with adequate wall space

  • Select and invite participants

  • Provide meals, snacks, and beverages

  • Provide two flip chart easels and any AV equipment client might need

  • Email materials to facilitator (any spreadsheets, budgets, reports, etc.)

  • Email agenda and pre-work to participants

  • Pay deposit within 10 days of confirming dates; pay balance upon receipt of invoice


A few client quotes about Anne / Nov 2016 management planning retreat:

  1. Always is fantastic and really keeps us on track

  2. Unbelievable at summarizing concepts, ideas

  3. What can I say? “You’re the best!”

Anne Neal-Dugdale has provided strategic planning and other high-stakes facilitation, coaching, and workforce/management/leadership training to businesses, non-profits, and the public sector for 21 years. She is also a certified licensed yoga instructor.  Her primary emphasis is to support individuals and organizations to optimize their gifts while improving their health and well-being at all levels. 

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