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Inner Peace Coaching Program

When you can’t be without it

Key Points:


  • Inner peace is not a gift or a personality trait.It is something a person cultivates, grows, and sustains.

  • A good deal of work and conscious attention is required to reach and maintain a peaceful state within.

  • Each of us must discover our own unique combination that gives us access to the inner peace we desire.

  • There is no particular spiritual practice or religious belief promoted in this program.It is designed to support your being whether you are pragmatic or highly spiritual.


What Contributes to One's Inner Peace?


  • Core Motivations

  • Satisfaction in Life

  • Deeply Held Values

  • Personal Style

  • Desires, Intentions

  • Highest Purpose

  • Strengths and Interests

  • Skills and Talents

  • Personal Pleasures

  • Gratitude

  • Boundaries

  • Dreams, Goals

  • Ideal Life

  • Choices, Wishes, Beliefs

  • Security, Peace with $

  • Healthy Physical Body

  • Happiness

  • Time for Fun

  • A Legacy Worth Leaving


Inner Peace Barriers:


  • Unmet Needs

  • Conflict with Self or Others

  • Thwarted Desires

  • Failures

  • Unresolved Issues

  • Trauma / Losses

  • Unfinished Business

  • Broken Promises

  • Violated Boundaries

  • Financial Problems

  • Health Issues

  • Negative Emotions

  • Fears

  • Dysfunctional Relationships


The Path Forward:


When you have completed the exercises and inner work in this program you will experience relief, empowerment, possibility, and creativity.  You will have hope, courage, a sense of direction, and self-confidence.  From a strong peaceful state, you will design the life you want and the structure you need to attain it. 

Anne Neal-Dugdale has provided strategic planning and other high-stakes facilitation, coaching, and workforce/management/leadership training to businesses, non-profits, and the public sector for 21 years. She is also a certified licensed yoga instructor.  Her primary emphasis is to support individuals and organizations to optimize their gifts while improving their health and well-being at all levels. 

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