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Image Shift Training and Coaching Program

The way we see ourselves is comprised of many factors, including our early childhood experiences, those teenage years, and what we’ve been through as adults.  This program teaches and reinforces ways to shift internal images.  These shifts result in positive change, confidence, and ability to take steps in one’s own best interest.  This is an in-person training program plus ten individual telephone coaching sessions. 

Core Content:

  • Self-Knowledge Workshop – Personal Style, Listening Persona, Strengths

  • Focused Conversation – Imaginal Education and the Individual

  • Personal Timeline and Story – Participant Observer Role

  • Current Limiting Image and Current Behaviors

  • Messages and Values that Keep Current Image in Place

  • Current Results and Desired Results

  • Supportive Values and Images for New Desired Image

  • Behaviors to Establish New Image

  • Force Field Analysis, Tolerations, and Blocks

  • Daily Habits Plan and 21-Day Program for Securing New Image


Who Should Participate:

  • People who are willing to make changes to become more successful.

  • Job seekers and  those wishing to increase their earning capacity.

  • People undergoing major transitions and transformations.

  • Those who desire a better life and feel they have an internal saboteur.


Benefits of Taking this Training:


  • Participants learn ways to utilize the practices of observation, reflection, and detachment of their personal stories and failure patterns.

  • Participants are provided with opportunities to practice the image shift skills during the training.

  • Attendees are given several self-assessments and a workbook for continuing the learning after the training event.


Format of the Training:

  • Two or three day training (depending on how much depth and practice time will be included)

  • Follow-up coaching for individuals to help integrate the training


Anticipated Outcomes:


  • Each participant will create his/her own life plan and set aside time for engaging in Image Shift practices.

  • Participants will be more open, engaged, and enlivened by their new desired images.

  • Personal transitions and job searches will be more productive and enjoyable.

  • Individuals will be more capable of resolving personal issues and difficult challenges by employing Image Shift practices in their daily lives.

Anne Neal-Dugdale has provided strategic planning and other high-stakes facilitation, coaching, and workforce/management/leadership training to businesses, non-profits, and the public sector for 21 years. She is also a certified licensed yoga instructor.  Her primary emphasis is to support individuals and organizations to optimize their gifts while improving their health and well-being at all levels. 

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