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Spiritual Mentoring

What is Spiritual Mentoring?

Shoulder-to-shoulder support  for those seeking to identify and fullfill their spiritual mission.

Shoulder-to-shoulder support for highly sensitive, intuitive, fellow lightworkers who are committed to balancing the light-dark ratio on planet earth. 


                          What is shoulder-to-shoulder support?
  • I don't speak down to you or up to you.
  • I'm by your side as you journey through life. 
  • I am listener, observer, and guide as you follow your own inner wisdom.
  • I help you identify and respond to your spiritual calling, fulfill your heart and soul, and complete your spiritual pattern. 
  • I'm at your side and on your side.   
       I support you in whatever areas and directions you choose, for example: 
  • Sorting out your beliefs, whether you are religious, spiritual, or seeking.
  • Being present to and appreciating your life.  Who are you?  Why are you here?
  • Listening internally. What is your inner guidance nudging you toward?
  • Following inner prompts. Which actions should you take?  What's next?
  • Relaxing, meditation, dream work, journaling, and restorative yoga.
  • Finding ways to lighten-up. In these intense times, it's very easy to tense up.  
  • Experiencing deeper joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, and inner peace.
  • Maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Contributing to the conscious evolution of self and the soul of humanity.

Still Waters Introductory Offer

     I offer a one-hour spiritual mentoring conversation, free.  If you decide it would benefit you to continue having conversations, we'll co-design a path forward.  We'll determine how often you want to talk, what you'd like to focus on, and how it would work logistically:  time, format, finances, confidentiality, resources, and anything else that would make it a worthwile venture for us. 

My Vision Statement:
I envision a world where we humans take personal responsibility for our lives and well being; fulfill our spiritual purpose; care for mother earth; and  contribute to the conscious evolution of humankind.  

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