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About Anne

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Personal Overview:

Anne’s life-long spiritual journey commenced with her Christian upbringing.  After graduating from high school, she became interested in meditation and several Eastern traditions.  She participated in a lightworkers meditation group as a teenager; taught Unitarian Sunday school as a young mother; took five levels of Shambhala Buddhist meditation training in Colorado; and attended Quaker meetings for a couple of years. 
In 2020 Anne experienced an unexpected calling from Jesus, which led her to reunite with her Christian roots.  Anne was baptized at the Baptist Church of Beaufort in April 2023.   Anne sees herself as a New-Age Baptist with respect for all love-based religions and spiritual practices.
Career wise, Anne enjoyed working with people in the professional world and became a certified coach, licensed facilitator, and mentor facilitation trainer.  Her experience with cancer and chemo in 2015, led her to become a certified licensed restorative yoga teacher. 
Later, Anne underwent an intensive spiritual mentoring training program with Edgar Cayce’s Atlantic University.  During which she became a Certified Teacher of Meditation, Teacher of Dreamwork, and a Certified Spiritual Mentor.  ​
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